About Us

We take the Benedictine vows of Stability, Conversion of Life, and Obedience, we value the traditions handed down to us in the Monastic Life and seek to respond to the Holy Spirit as God calls anew every day through our prayer, work and community life.

Founded in 1866 by Mother Monnica Skinner and Father Henry Nihill to be a praying witness of God’s love for his people expressed through the care of the sick and needy of every kind in society.  This ministry continues today in the provision of Henry Nihill House, a care home with nursing, in the beautiful grounds of Edgware Abbey.

Edgware Abbey is a haven of peace for many visitors.  All are offered Benedictine hospitality with space for rest and renewal.  The small comfortable St Raphael's Retreat provides short stay retreat accommodation and offers a venue for day visits.

Guests are welcome to participate in the Community’s offering of the Divine Office and Eucharist.

Oblates are valued members of our extended Community family.  Following the spirit of the Holy Rule of St Benedict while living independent lives outside the cloister, Oblates are bonded with the Community in the Divine Office, prayer, commitment to service and contributing to the common life as they are able.


Monastic Life at Edgware is based on the Three Benedictine Vows taken by each Nun:

“Obedience” means “to listen intently,” and this vow is undertaken in a spirit of faith and love in following Christ who was obedient to the will of the Father. It requires that a Sister listens intently to the voice of God as it is manifested in the Sacred Scriptures and the teachings of her superiors.

This vow of “Stability” binds the Sister in both body and spirit to the Community of her profession for the rest of her life, where she serves under both a Rule and an Abbess.

“Conversatio Morum”:
“Conversatio Morum” means “Fidelity to the monastic way of life”
This third vow encompasses all aspects of the total self-offering of the Sister to God. Under this vow are included the evangelical counsels: poverty and chastity, which commit the Sister to a renunciation of personal possessions and embracing celibacy for the sake of the kingdom.