Guest Information

We are still very mindful of Covid-19

when you visit us - we ask you to protect yourselves and us.

We are keeping you all in our Prayer.

Edgware Abbey is a haven of peace enfolding many visitors.

It is our pleasure to welcome you, offering hospitality within the Benedictine tradition, welcoming ‘Guests as Christ Himself’ [Rule of St Benedict ch 54] for those seeking space for rest and renewal. We are located in North London with excellent transport links.

The Abbey grounds provide a tranquil place to sit and be. Guests are welcome to join the Sisters at Divine Office and the Eucharist. Please contact the Booking Secretary by phone or email if you would like to make a visit.

Quiet Days
If you are looking for a place to study, to rest, or to pray in a peaceful environment we can offer you a room in St Raphael’s Retreat for the day with the chapel close by and access to our lovely gardens.
Please bring your own sandwiches/lunch.  Tea, coffee, milk & biscuits  available in St Raphael’s Retreat.

Small Group Meetings:
St John’s Chalet (near St Raphael’s Retreat) is ideal for group meetings of up to 8 participants, for day time meetings.
Please bring your own sandwiches/lunch.  Tea and coffee, etc. available on site.

Parish Groups:
The Abbey chapel is a prayerful venue for larger groups.  Please bring your own sandwiches.  Tea, coffee, milk and biscuits are provided in St Raphael’s Retreat.
For first time visits we recommend that Group Leaders visit Edgware Abbey to see if our venue meets the requirements for your Group before making a booking.

cloister garden