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About Us

The Sisters of St Mary at the Cross have cared for the sick and poor, and those in need of every kind in London since their Foundation in 1866. Serving firstly in Shoreditch building a hospital for children with a school, and then building a convalescent home for them in the countryside, Edgware Abbey, in 1873. The Shoreditch House was closed in 1932, everyone moved to Edgware Abbey and the buildings were expanded to accommodate all.

As the work of the Sisters developed over the years, Henry Nihill House was opened in 1992, a purpose built home in the beautiful grounds of Edgware Abbey. It is a not-for-profit care home with nursing in the voluntary sector providing care for 30 persons of all faiths or none, and a loving home for many who cannot be cared for elsewhere, in accordance with the Health & Social Care Act 2015, and regulated by CQC: Rating Good.


The Sisters are a daily presence in Henry Nihill House and are available to give support to Residents and staff.
They are seeking to fulfil the words of Jesus:

"I am come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly" [Gospel of John 10:10]

The needs of Residents and Staff for continual personal fulfilment and development are recognised and honoured.


Our Values

Henry Nihill House is named after our Founder Fr Henry Nihill who worked untiringly alongside our Foundress Mother Monnica and the Sisters.

It is a tribute to the management of Henry Nihill House that the residents find solace and contentment, joy and fulfilment in their days. We are a family, and as we all share the sorrow when a resident passes from this world, so we rejoice when conditions improve and a prognosis outlived. We often find that very poorly persons take on a new lease of life in the healing ambience of Henry Nihill House. It is a great moment when a resident’s condition radically improves for them to return home to their family, like Adil who came to us with severe brain damage after an accident, he gradually responded to articulate words and move limbs and progressed to go to rehabilitation and then home to his wife and young family.
This is what Henry Nihill House is about: ‘having life and having it abundantly’.

Today, this important care ministry reflects our original charism and in accord with our Christian/Benedictine ethos “Before all things, care must be taken of the sick, and cared for as Christ himself” [RB Ch.36 - St Matt. 25:36-40]: through a bespoke service which is delivered to each person in a professional, inclusive and caring manner, by upholding our values of…..


Acknowledge the “person”, encourage the right of independence of all residents and to treat those supported by us and all people who work for us with respect at all times.


To offer warmth, acceptance and joy in welcoming others, especially the unexpected arrival. By being available to let the unexpected person in, to help them get established, respond to their most pressing needs so they experience being “at home” in this new place. A blessing accompanies both the offering and receiving of hospitality.


Recognize the individual uniqueness of each person and act in an honest, equitable and respectful manner.


We are committed to providing high quality, person centred care, reflecting and responding to the diversity of the persons we serve and uphold the choices, human citizenship rights of all individuals.


Recognize the individual need for personal fulfilment and offer individualized support and meaningful activity to satisfy that need of residents and staff. By ensuring each resident is central to all personal decisions pertinent to them to achieve/maintain their optimum state of health and well-being.

Our Misson

Our Mission is to continually strive to provide a safe quality service which is bespoke to each individual: through effectively utilizing and accessing all resources available to support the health and wellbeing of each resident and facilitating our staff to provide care and support with skill, compassion and imagination.
Everyone’s need, both residents and staff, for continued fulfilment in life, is seen as a gospel value: Jesus said:

“ I am come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly.” [St. John 10.10b]

In 2019 we realized that our care work was following a new development as we were repeatedly requested to accommodate persons requiring complex care – this is the need of the present time. Persons, often younger people, who need to leave the hospital environment but are too ill to live at home. Henry Nihill House provides a homely atmosphere giving comfort and peace, and space and freedom for family members to spend time with their loved ones in care. Although this care is in place, our development is working towards 8 beds in the “Yvie Suite” for complex care: dedicated to the memory of a former resident Yvonne Hewitt by kind permission of her family. This involves specialized staff, special equipment and updating the rooms. This important care ministry reflects our original charism in providing a loving home for many who cannot be cared for elsewhere, and in accord with our Benedictine ethos as reflected in our Values.

If you would like to help towards the funding of the “Yvie Suite” and our care ministry, please press the donate button, or send a cheque payable to “Edgware Abbey”.
All gifts are gratefully received. Thank you for your support.

Henry Nihill House

Care Home with Nursing

A charitable work of the Community of St Mary at the Cross:

Charity Registration No: 209261
Edgware Abbey Charitable Trust: 209261(2)

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The Community of St Mary at the Cross are the registered providers of a 30-bed Care Home with Nursing, registered with the Care Quality Commission.  Henry Nihill House is situated in the grounds of Edgware Abbey.

If you would like further information about Henry Nihill House and its care and support, please contact the HNH Office on:
Tel: 020 8905 4200
Email: henrynihill@edgwareabbey.org.uk

Care Quality Commission Report     18.07.2018

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